This is the front page for our campaign log, you’ll be able to check out NPC’s and PC’s, the world that you’ve adventured through and various session notes.

The One Shots
Why ‘One Shots’ you ask? Because we only need one shot at completing any bounty or mission thrown our way.


keep it sheathed
keep it safe
if in doubt
shield of faith

Current Roster
Alistair Akir, half elf cleric played by Olly
Bimpnottin Ashmist, gnome rogue played by Jaimie
James Dilorian, half elf ranger played by Simeon
River, dwarven barbarian played by Imogen
Malik, human sorceror played by Luke
Makaria, tiefling bard played by Erinn
Jackmerius Taktheratrix, half elf warlock played by Marc
Shino Kage, human rogue/monk played by Dave
Lia Ilphelkir, elf cleric played by Imogen
Thia Galanodel, elf druid played by Jaimie
Captain Amy, half elf rogue played by Erinn
Kasai Fukushu, human fighter played by Dave
Damien, human fighter played by Olly
Waywocket, gnome bard played by Imogen
Nero, human wizard played by Marc
Alexander, human sorceror/rogue/paladin traitor played by Trent
Dahndu, neko (catfolk) monk played by Simmo