Guild HQ

The guild has managed to acquire and establish a warehouse in Waterdeep that they have set up as a base of operations. This warehouse was gifted to the guild by Lord Herman Portrude as thanks for saving his life after he was captured by the Cult of Xanathar.
Despite the warehouse being rundown it proved to more than cater for an aspiring guild’s needs. With some repairs the warehouse was up and running and several areas have been developed.
A recent run in with an enemy faction has resulted in the warehouse suffering extensive fire damage as well as a large hole being blown into the rear wall.

Below Ground
The warehouse has an extensive downstairs area which has been cleared by the guild and now contains 3 cells, an armoury and a portal room.

Portal Room
The guild was able to establish a teleportation circle in the warehouse which they have tuned into a magical ring, allowing them to port to their HQ at will.

The guild established an armoury where all of their loots is stored. With a solid iron door this room is quite rightly the most secure room in the warehouse.

The guild have also discovered Castle Daggerford, once a teeming castle now merely ruins and uninhabited for many years. The castle stands on top of underground catacombs which originally was used by cultists of Kelemvor to perform unspeakable acts. Now the guild have cleared out the most recent occupants and have claimed it as their own. For now they have been unable to redevelop the catacombs or the castle itself, but who knows what the future will bring.

Guild HQ

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