Shino Kage

Ninja of Kozakura


Lvl 3 Rogue/3 Monk

Stats: Str: 10 ( 0), Dex: 16 ( +3), Con: 12 ( +1), Int: 8 ( -1), Wis: 16 ( +3), Cha: 12 ( +1)
Ac: 16 (No armour)
Initiative: +3
HP: 39 (d8 Hit Dice)

Saves: Dex (5), Int ( 1)
Proficient skills: Stealth (7), Acrobatics/Deception/Insight/Perception/Sleight of Hand (
5), Athletics (+2)

Features: Sneak Attack 2d6, Thieves cant, Cunning Action (hide, dash disengage) Extra Attack as bonus action, Ki, Expertise: stealth and deception,
Assassin: Assassinate
Way of the Shadow: Spend Ki to cast spells

Feats: Mobile

Way of the Shadow (Monk)

Cantrips: Minor Illusion
Spells: Darkness, Dark vision, Pass without Trace, Silence
Spell Slots: 2 Ki points to cast spell

Magic Items:


Shino Kage was orphaned at a young age and never knew his parents. He soon found himself living on the streets where he quickly learned to be silent, unseen and deft of hand just to survive. As he grew older he honed his skills, moving unseen through crowds before picking a pocket and disappearing into the shadows.
His life changed one day when he picked the wrong pocket. Spotting a well dressed noble with a bulging coin purse, Shino quickly did his thing, deftly obtaining the purse and slinking away without being noticed. Shino was confused however when he went to examine his prize only to discover the coins disappearing into thin air as he poured them into his hands. He was so confused he didn’t notice he was now the target, until he was knocked unconscious.
Shino came to in an unknown room staring into the face of the noble he stole from. However, instead of seeking vengeance the noble was impressed with his skills. He revealed to Shino he was actually a fabled ninja of Kozakura and sensing great potential in Shino, decided to take him in and train him in the way of the ninja.
Shino quickly excelled in his training, learning to channel his inner Ki energy to enhance his growing combat ability. He also learned to assume false characters, allowing him to hide in plain sight and conceal his true identity.
Without morals and remorse, Shino kills as required and performs any task requested of him without question.

Personality Traits: I always have a plan for what to do when things go wrong.
Ideals: I am loyal to my nation and my emperor.
Bonds: I will do all I can to return Kozakura to it’s former glory.
Flaws: I run so many identities it can be hard to remember the real one.

After the exile of Kasai Fukushu Emperor Gonijo tasked Shino to accompany him on his travels to Faerun. Taking on one of his more established false identities as a Merchant trader, Eguchi Sanetomo, Shino’s role was to scout the lands for any potential trade opportunities to strengthen Kozakura’s standing, by any means necessary. Shino’s myriad of skills have proven useful and made him a useful member of the traveling group. After arriving in Waterdeep, Kasai and Shino sought employment in a newly established guild The One Shots, providing Shino with the perfect cover while he performs his required tasks for the good of Kozakura.
A recent run in with some members of the cult of x saw Shino bested by an invisible foe. Since, Shino has dedicated his time to identifying this new adversary and their weaknesses to gain vengeance.

Shino Kage

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