Alistair Akir

A cleric of Ilmater


Stats: Str: 16 ( +3), Dex: 8 ( -1), Con: 14 ( +2), Int: 10 ( +0), Wis: 18 ( +4), Cha: 10 ( +0)
Ac: 20 (Plate Armour + Sentinel Shield)
Initiative: -1
HP: 45 (D8 Hit Dice)

Saves: Wis ( +7), Cha ( +3)
Proficient skills: Athletics ( +6), Arcana/ History/ Religion ( +3), Medicine/Perception ( +7)

Spell attack: +7 to hit, Spell DC: 15

Features:Dark Vision 60ft , Fey Ancestry (pg39), Channel Divinity (pg58),

Life Domain Cleric: Disciple of LIfe, Preserve Life, Blessed Healer (pg60)

Bonus Spells: Bless, Cure Wounds, Lesser Restoration, Spiritual Weapon, Beacon of Hope, Revivify.

Cantrips: Sacred Flame, Thaumaturgy, Light, Spare the Dying

Spell Slots: 4x 1st, 3x 2nd, 3x 3rd

Magic Items: Sentinel Shield ( +2 AC, advantage on Initiative and Perception checks)
Pearl of Power ( +1 3rd lvl spell slot – Spirit Guardians)


Background: 2nd son of the House Akir, sent to become a cleric of Ilmater when he came of age (16). Is well respected by his father after he returned from his clerical training (considered a waste beforehand) despite his brother being older Alistair treats him likes a little brother due to his smaller size.

Father is Elven, mother human, Alistair and his brother Robert are born to their fathers 2nd wife (Isabella)

Ideals: It is my duty to protect and care for those beneath me
Bonds: Nothing is more important to me than family
Flaws: Now that I’ve returned to the world I enjoy it’s delights a little too much

Alistair Akir

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