Kasai Fukushu

Eldritch Knight of the Order of the Sacred Flame


Stats: Str: 18 ( +4), Dex: 8 ( -1), Con: 14 ( +2), Int: 18 ( +4), Wis: 10 ( 0), Cha: 8 ( -1)
Ac: 17 (Splint Mail)
Initiative: -1
HP: 62 (D10 Hit Dice)

Saves: Str ( 7), Cons ( +5)
Proficient skills: Athletics/Arcana/History/Investigation (
7), Persuasion (+2)

Spell attack: +7 to hit, Spell DC: 15

Features: Extra Attack, FIghting Style: Great Weapon Fighting, Second Wind, Action Surge

Feats: Ritual Caster.

Eldritch Knight (Wizard)

Cantrips: Green Flame Blade, Firebolt
Level 1 Spells: Protection from Evil and Good, Tasha’s Hideous Laughter, Thunderwave, Charm Person

Ritual Spells: Comprehend Languages, Detect Magic, Detect Poison and Disease, Tensar’s Floating Disc

Spell Slots: 3×1st

Magic Items: +1 Great Sword


Kasai was born on the Eastern Continent of Kara-Tur, in the Kozakura region. Born to one of the noble clans of the northern island, at a young age Kasai showed great potential as a warrior but also demonstrated the rare ability to be able to channel and control the mystical arts. He was sent to the capital Dojyu where he joined the Order of the Sacred Flame, an order of mystical warriors tasked to protect Kozakura and return it to it’s former glory.
There Kasai was trained in both the martial and arcane and he quickly developed as one of the Order’s best.

Kasai attained the rank of Samurai and took on an apprentice, Tsukada Utamuro.
Shortly after becoming a Samurai, Kasai foiled a plot by some members of the order to assassinate the master of the Order of the Sacred Flame and take over control of the order. Kasai managed to kill the would be assassin and save his master before he was in any danger, but Kasai was unable to provide proof of his heroic act. The second in command of the order, and the mastermind behind the murder plot, called for Kasai to be executed for the murder of his sworn brother, a crime punishable by death in the land.

Emperor Gonijo was brought in to rule on the matter. Despite the laws of the land, sensing that Kasai was telling the truth of the matter, the Emperor stayed Kasai’s execution, instead banishing him from Kozakura. Knowing that his master was innocent, Tsukada decided to join Kasai in his banishment. Despite the shame his actions bought to his family’s name, Kasai was also granted one of his family’s majordomo, Saigo Saburo, to aid him in his travels. Emperor Gonijo, seeing a great opportunity, tasked Kasai with heading to Faerun. There he was to atone for his crimes and grow Kozakura’s power in any way possible. He was assigned the merchant trader Shino Kage to assist him in this task.

Personality Trait: Despite my rank I do not place myself above other folk. We are all one blood.
Ideals: Family and nation above all.
Bonds: I will do all I can to return Kozakura to it’s former glory.
Flaws: By my actions I brought great shame to my family. I will atone.

Kasai traveled Faerun, heading to the nearest major city of Waterdeep. With his funds running low, Kasai and his band sought employment at a newly established guild, the One Shots. There he quickly established his worth to the guild and decided to stay for the foreseeable future. In the guild Kasai saw an opportunity to establish some contacts with not only a group of formidable warriors but also important members of Waterdeep society, connections that could ultimately prove useful for Kozakura.

Kasai Fukushu

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