One Shots

The Open Lord of Waterdeep - Part 3

Episode 3

Dave: DM
Olly: Alistair Akir
Simeon: James
Luke: Malik
Erinn: Makaria
Jam: Bimpnottin
Mimo: River

The heroes ready themselves as Bimp picks the lock on the dungeon door and they spring into action. They spot the bard locked in a cell at the far end of the corridor, and the bard’s Cloak of Displacement hung near the entry, with nearly a dozen enemies. Alistair summons Spirit Guardians as the newly arrived heroes start work on the bulk of the party. Meanwhile Makaria uses heat metal to scorch some of her captors by cooking them within their armour.

The bard then uses sass and her feminine wiles to capture the attention of some of the nearby guards. One of her captors is not swayed by her charms (natural 1) and walks off in his faaabulous assless chaps towards her friends. The heroes finish off the enemies and free Makaria and the other townfolk of Waterdeep. They loot discover an adamantine chain shirt, potion of supreme healing, an ornate key, 90gp and retrieve the bard’s cloak of displacement.

While seeing to the comfort of the townfolk, Makaria discovers and notes that they have rescued a noble merchant, Lord Herman Potrude. Curious about the ornate key and the passage not taken earlier, the heroes arm the townfolk and secure them in the dungeon while they continue their exploration of the catacomb tunnels.

Taking the right tunnel previously passed by, they discover an ornate door which is successfully unlocked by the ornate key. It opens into a large empty room with a dormant teleportation circle and a closed door at the other end. Malik begins to study and record the markings of the circle, then dispels one rune to ensure the circle cannot be activated behind the party.

The far door opens into a passageway, ending in another door with audible movement behind. Inside they discover four sarcophagi and a zombie beholder, possibly Xanathar. The bard quickly searches her lore (natural 20) and relays that a beholder’s central eye ordinarily has a 150ft anti-magic field, capable of shooting magical rays. However this one appears to be undead, with no anti-magic field.

The party fight the beholder, with the ranger James dealing the heroic killing blow and it crumbles to dust. The party cannot tell if this zombie beholder was Xanathar himself or agent under someone’s control. A search of the room loots reveals 5×500gp gems, a +1 chain shirt, a wand of fireballs with seven charges, a sentinel shield and 500gp. Bimp carefully scoops up some of the zombie beholder dust into a vial as a curio.

The heroes gather the grateful townfolk and use the teleportation circle ring to return to the cleric’s temple in Waterdeep.

The party sends for the horse and cart left near Daggerford, and discover that Lord Potrudes is a very successful merchant with a number of properties to his name, including several warehouses. As a show of gratitude under the attention of the charming bard, he gifts the party with one of his warehouses, thanking the newly formed guild.

The party enters the castle and seeks an audience with Laeral, who congratulates them on successfully rescuing the abducted townfolk. Malik expresses gratitude that access to her library allowed him to imbue the ring with a single teleportation circle spell, which allowed their quick return. Laeral, intrigued, asks to see the ring and focuses on it for a moment. She hands it back and declares that the ring will now replenish its imbued spell every dawn, and presents the guild with their official Guild Charter.

The newly official guild head out to examine their new warehouse and find it much to their liking, and decide to use it as their public headquarters. They determine to find some means of using the ruined castle near Daggerford as a secret base of operations. And finally, they settle on a guild name, the One Shots.

End Episode 3


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