One Shots

The Open Lord of Waterdeep - Part 2

Episode 2

Dave: DM
Olly: Alistair Akir
Jam: Bimpnottin
Mimo: River
Simeon: James
Luke: Malik
Dave: Makaria

The party is escorted to Waterdeep Castle dungeon, where the Drow Mage is shackled to the wall. Bimp tries to mage hand her venom dagger to stab the drow, the guard notices and takes it. Bimp mage hands it into the other guards pocket to try and implicate him.

…Bimp gets kicked out of the dungeon. But she successfully mage hand legerdemains the dagger back into her possession.

Malik casts suggestion and the drow cooperates to a degree, admits to being an agent of Xanathar, a beholder. He states that the prisoners are likely being held at a ruined castle near Daggerford, 8hrs to the southeast of Waterdeep. The Drow mage reveals that his task was to kill the Lords of Waterdeep and take control.

The party searches the castle library for information on Xanathar and beholders, with Malik searching for magical tomes. They find records indicating that Xanathar was the infamous crime lord of the Xanathar Thieves Guild in Skullport, believed to be dead after fighting the Lords of Waterdeep. Malik finds a magical tome describing the spell Teleportation Circle, and manages to imbue the magical guild ring with the spell.

After commandeering a horse and cart the party makes their way southeast for four hours, securing the horses before advancing toward the castle on foot. The old castle is in ruins, with no indication of it being inhabited in many years. Malik River is magically transformed into a fart (gaseous form) and approaches what looks to be a door, as the stealthier party members approach through the undergrowth.

River floats through an opening beside the door and along the discovered tunnel. It appears to have been carved long ago, with some fresher X marks on the walls. River discovers a small guard room with ten Drow, one of which spots the cloud of gas. River retreats as six of the Drow follow to investigate.

As they all arrive outdoors, Malik and Bimp create similar clouds of gas near Rivers. The three clouds of gas separate and leave in three separate directions, each being followed by a pair of drow. The party successfully ambushes and eliminates each pair, with the barbarian returning to her form and going into a crazed rage, smearing her face in blood.

Once the last drow drops River storms the door, smashing it to smithereens and charging down the tunnel. She charges in to fight the remaining four Drow as Malik fireballs the guard room, and despite containing a healer in their numbers, the Drow perish.

After a short respite, the heroes descend into the catacombs, and discover a large room with a floor covered in letters. (Did someone inspect the first row and identify that the K was worn?) James discovers a plaque and realise that it speaks of Kelemvor, Lord of the Dead and Judge of the Damned. River starts chanting the letters incessantly.

The party makes their way across the floor stepping on the stones in order, with a couple of close misses triggering sprays of acid from the floor. On the other side they discover more X marks covering older carvings worshipping Kelemvor. They encounter a t-junction, and spy tracks indicating that traffic has travelled left.

Carefully advancing down the passage, they hear nearly a dozen voices, including that of the missing bard Makaria. The rogue approaches the door and spies beyond a passage with cells on either side and eleven enemies: one shield guardian, two jailers, six guardsmen and two apprentices.

End Episode 2


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