One Shots

The Open Lord of Waterdeep - Part 1

Episode 1

Dave: DM
Olly: Alistair
Jam: Bimpnottin
Mimo: River
Luke: Malik
Simoen: James
Dave: Makaria

The rag tag bunch of adventurers have developed some small renown throughout Waterdeep, and receive a summons from Laeral Silverhand, the Open Lord of Waterdeep, to attend her at the castle. On arrival, they find a large number of other adventurers gathered, some recognisable and others unfamiliar.

Laeral emerges, the only Lord of Waterdeep formally named and unmasked, and tasks the talented parties with relieving the pressure currently faced by the cities forces. For incentive, she proclaims that she is reinstating the Guild charters, and a limited number of groups may secure one should they prove worthy by assisting Waterdeep.

A loud crash and sounds of fighting are then heard as the doors burst open and fighters pour into the ballroom. The four guards positioned in front of Laeral stay motionless for a spell, then turn on Laeral. A wispy form appears and stabs Laeral then focuses on Makaria, the party’s bard, and whisks her away.

The party fights the guards, who are revealed as Dopplegangers as they die and turn into blue creatures. Alistair heals a grateful Laeral, as her eyes glaze over to communicate with the cities forces. She reports that a number of citizens have been abducted by the enemy forces and requests that they be rescued, handing the group a magical ring representing them successfully securing a Guild Charter.

The heroes loot investigate the bodies and finds a mysterious X mark, Alistair identifying it as the mark of Xanathar. Laeral is troubled and a wounded City Watchmen reports that Xanathar’s forces are all over the city.

The party heads into the street with the intention of capturing and interrogating one of Xanathar’s minions to discover the whereabouts of the abductees. A shadow demon, a yellow green fog and ebony tentacles appeared as the party fought a group of enemies, with the enemy mage attempting to disappear. The foes were beaten and the mage subdued and handed over to the city forces to be locked into the dungeon until ready for questioning.

End Episode 1


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